About Alfred

Alfred is a practitioner of Celtic Shamanic traditions. He has been practicing a Pagan Celtic tradition for over 25 years. He is Ordained by the Church of the Seven Planes since 2005.

He has finished his License with the Universal Gnostic Church as a Spiritual Coach.

He has been given the spiritual name of Vajrasattva Savitur. In Celtic circles he is known as Saille Seabhac. In Pagan circles as Alfred Willowhawk.

He has been a Reiki Master since 1995 and his first book of poetry Hawk Sighting is currently available at the link above or at national Book retailers.

He is the Editor in Chief of The Heartland Spirit, a publication of the Heartland Spiritual Alliance that is published on the 8 spokes of the pagan year and very active in the Care2 network, a network of concerned individuals for various causes. Mine include; women’s rights, animal rights, animal welfare, Nature advocacy, and alternative/holistic medicine.

Currently, he teaches three courses: Celtic Transformational Healing, The Warrior Within, and Shamanic Soul: Path to the Sacred Self, as well as all three levels of traditional Usui Reiki. All classes except Reiki are offered in home study or at different locations in the KC area.  He facilitates workshops at various festivals nationally, internationally and virtually as well. He also offers Spiritual Coaching and intuitive Oracle Consultations online and at various locations in the Kansas City Metro by appointment.
The name (Alfred Willowhawk)  is drawn from The Willow Tree at the center of the Otherworld which is the Pathway to the Bright World and The Hawk, who represents recollection, cleansing of self and is the Messenger of the Otherworld.

Other website affiliations are:

New Paradigm Plants

Just for the Love of It – A Freeconomy Site

Pagan Mystics Community

Care2 Network

Wite Rayvn ™ – A growing group of like minded business people

The following links are part of Wite Rayvn

Ziza Art ™ – A very talented artist who has illustrated my collection of poetry (Hawk Sighting – available internationally and on my website) and creator of the Delphi Deck, (an original art Oracular Card Deck)

Home Thermotherapy ™– a unique blend of traditional Reiki and the Bio-Mat


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27 02 2008

Have a nice day !

28 02 2009
Michael Tim

I love your site! 🙂

Experiencing a slow PC recently? Fix it now!

1 03 2009

Thank you!!! If you wish to see other of my work check out the below link as well.


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