Community, Fellowship or Tyranny

26 02 2008

Fighting on a global scale that is an imposition of one groups ideals. National groups that fight for their RIGHTS  over another. Non smokers outlawing hooka’s and taxing cigarrettes to “discourage” people from harming themselves and “saving” money for insurance companies.  The indication is that groups of individuals seem to band together to create an adversarial relationship with others – Is that all there is to a community? Webster’s dictionary defines community as   a group of people with a common characteristic or interest living together within a larger society.  There is no part of this definition that states that one must or is entitled to impose their interests on another group or individuals. A cursory examination of the world news shows Serbs preventing citizens of Kosovo from declaring their own identity, the “War on Terrorism”  that the United States is fighting in Iraq, Kurdish separatists and Turkish troops vying for their rights, and on and on.  Domestically in the USA one group decides what is best for everyone  and seeks to impose that on everyone else. 

Lately I have seen small groups of people begin to band together in a grassroots way around a common purpose to SHARE ideas and talents with each other for mutual support and encouragement. A small group of people form a truly open Art Guild in one city that has been dominated by a RECOGNIZED art guild for many years that has become an exclusive club for the few, in this same community a group of wordsmiths are gathering momentum to share  with everyone and gather in a local  park.  A Fellowship is defined by Websters as a community of interest, activity, feeling, or experience.  There is that word again COMMUNITY. So,  lets put both of these definitions together and we come up with a new definition for Fellowship. A group of people with a common characteristic or interest living together within a larger society who come together to share  that common interest, activity, feeling, or experience. This begins to sound a little like the definition of a society, which according to Webster again is defined as as an enduring and cooperating social group whose members have developed organized patterns of relationships through interaction with one another. 

Here then is my proposition, there is no difference between community, fellowship and society as long as the society does not impose its will upon another – Tyranny.  A society or fellowship that honors this definition would be one that honors, respects and lives diversity. It would not matter what color, gender, sexual orientation, age, or physical ability one demonstrates as a restirction of their opportunity within the group. The Great Spirit, God, Goddess, Chaos, Nature, would be equally honored and respected by all members of the fellowship as this is what breathes life into any group. No one view, religion, spirituality or  language is inherrently better or more right than any other. In fact it is in our diversity as individuals that we grow stronger, more tolerant and more healthy.

As I am observing these things and participating in them here in the Mid West of the United States I am sure, intuitively, that there are other areas of the world that are experiencing a similar phenomenom. We will not be squashed, silenced or forced to surrender to the forces Tyranny.

Personkind (so as to not be gender specific), will survive, adapt, and continue to integrate in peaceful and joyful communion with each other one fellowship at a time. It is slow and unstoppable. One group can never impose their will for long on another. Only in fellowship and respect can we all abide well on the Mother’s Earth. Yes, I am a Pagan, so what, we all wish to live. I do not presume to know anything for another person, I am an observer, and a participant in the world. I choose FELLOWSHIP – what do you choose?




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26 02 2008

Your idea doesn’t work in the face of antithetical behavior – where one group’s behavior is in direct opposition to another’s.

27 02 2008
Alfred Willowhawk

Interesting, when antithetical behavior occurs then the fellowship remains true to itself and demonstrates non violent behavior that protects without attack.

This “clash” actually would reinforce the existing behavior pattern for the fellowship and possibly (in the case of a violent attack on them) show that there is another way. Hence, demonstrating that there is a more “positive” response to disagreement.

27 02 2008

What about antithetical behavior that ISN’T an attack on “the fellowship?” Take Muslims killing homosexuals and imprisoning rape victims as one set of examples. Take either side of the US abortion issue as another.

28 02 2008
Alfred Willowhawk

True, however I would propose that these are an attack on the fellowship and it is the proper place of the fellowship to respond appropriately. Remember that diversity is the key to the success of the fellowship.

Any supposed fellowship that imposes its will on any individual is by definition not part of the fellowship.

A supposed community or fellowship that does not allow for disagreement with honor and lack of imposition of the will of one part is not a fellowship.

This is the very thing that this discussion is about.

3 03 2008
Sara Nicole

I choose coexistence. Well formed thoughts here….I enjoyed reading. I’m going to make a flier tonight for us wordsmiths 🙂


13 03 2008

Thank you Sara. Let’s spread the word!

22 03 2008

Oh! Great job!
Very good and useful post.
Thx, your blog in my RSS reader now
We’ll expect many new interesting posts from you 😉

4 04 2008

Community by what you present here is certainly what I would opt for. Sadly I also understand that there are going to be those communities which believe that they have the right to impose upon others. Fanaticism is one no matter which place it comes from it will always be intolerant of what does not fit it’s view.
Your view of community and lack of intolerance go hand in hand in my opinion. Bravo!! Thank you

4 05 2008

this is beautiful, alfred. very thought provoking. you are very eloquent with words.


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