Welcome to the bottom of the barrel

13 12 2007

The case of Jaime Leigh Jones and KBR shows just how low we have fallen as a society.  According to the ABC coverage, Ms Jones has tried unsucessfully to handle this as a criminal case. At every avenue she was stonewalled and according to informed sources the Justice Department said they were handling it. Sure, sweeping it under the rug. Two years is long enough for any governmental bueracracy to investigate.

 As some reports indicate all employees of KBR serving in hostile environments have DNA recorded, then how is it that the company itself has brought no one to justice?  I understand that embarassment and “loss of revenue” may be utilized in certain circumstances, however when civil law is broken everyone loses.

 The facts as reported in this case are that she was drugged, raped and detained in the GREEN zone in Iraq. According to the Geneva Convention RAPE and unlawful detention are CRIMES against humanity. According to the Uniform Code of Military Justice RAPE is a violation. Of course, KBR is NOT the US military, however they are in a combat zone under US LAW and should be held to the highest law possible. If this had happened in Houston, I would like to think that the Houston police department would of handled it swiftly. As a US citizen who believes in moral normative behavior, ( not right wing religious), I am distressed by the barbaric and immoral behavior of both our government and the employees of this corporation.

Add this to the lack of humanity of our governmental representatives in other examples, (treatment of prisoners), and we have a very disturbing picture indeed.

In the past what has separated us from other countries was our voluntary restraint under what has been called “common decency”. We now turn to the”Law” and say it is not our problem and/or it wasn’t illegal, how sad that the country (USA) founded on principals of “liberty and justice for all “has fallen to  ” I go until I get caught – and I’ll do what I want for me”.

No wonder our allies scoff at our high minded words. Actions are always the delimiter of character and we are showing that we have none.




2 responses

19 12 2007

very well done. thank you.

4 04 2008

My comment is to this commentary is that I have seen what sort of people we show ourselves to be in other countries. Our soldiers are not strictly held accountable for their after hours behaviour in other countries. It is no wonder that the locals find Americans so repulsive when our soldiers go to local bars and get so drunk that they can’t remember getting back to the barracks. I must say that after seeing and knowing this I can see why our diplomats have such a hard time of it. They try to present the best face to our allies and yet our soldiers do their best to destroy that work unintentionally of course.
My great sadness.
Thank you.

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